Gospel of Matthew, chapter 5, verse 9


This website is dedicated to the Armenian Genocide (1915) survivors, their descendants. 

It  reflects their personal stories. Memories, photographs from families archives, portraits 

shot by Dr. Marina Mkhitaryan are shared on the website. 

Through personal stories to Historic Truth...

It's important to note the materials related to the Armenian, Greek, Assyrian Genocide are posted. 

The website introduces the photo show held in Yerevan, Armenia on the 26th of April, 2015.  

The photo project preparatory work  and the photo exhibit in Armenia were  funded 

by  Dr. Virginia Davies (New York, USA).  


“The prevention of genocide is a specific obligation under international law. Governments must act on this imperative by investing in prevention and taking preventive action. On this new international observance, let us recognize the need to work together more concertedly to protect individuals from gross human rights violations and uphold our common humanity.”

- United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

In the orphanage in Rosario, Argentina

Memory is the window through which we view history from those who have lived it. Perhaps we can say that memory is the soul of history, for the survivors of these historic events can also give us an insight into what they felt and dreamed and hoped for, and how they pieced together their shattered lives. Without their memory we might be completely at the mercy of the fabricators of our own history.
-Thea Halo, Soul of History