06/09/2014 13:08

This composition is hand made by Liana Burnazyan. Pomegranate is a symbol of life.

Liana Burnazyan's parents.

Her father Artsruni Artashes Burnazyan was born in Van, Western Armenia in 1906.

The father extended family in Van. The boy with the photo is Atsruni Burnazyan. 

Liana Burnazyan's uncle Azat Artashes Burnazyan.

Artsruni and Azat Burnazyan brothers

Liana Burnazyan's grandmother with two sons Artsruni and Azat

Biblical ARARAT...(handmade by Liana Burnazyan)





06/09/2014 09:45

Theologian Arpine Chantikyan

Arpine Chantikyan's grandfather Tagvor Nshan Chantikyan who was born in Adabazar in 1914.

The story written by Arpine Chantikyan

05/09/2014 14:04

Architect Meri  Danielyan, Yerevan

The story of the family written by Meri Danielyan (in Armenian)

The father of Meri Danielyan's grandfather with his second son

The grandmother Araxia Meloyan and her brother Askanaz Meloyan.

The grandfather Armenak Ter Danielyants, the student of the Theological Seminary of Holy Etchmiadzin.

The grandmother Araxya Meloyan (born in 1898) and the grandfather Armenak Ter Danielyants (born in 1896).

Meri Danielyan's daughter. A prayer of the next generations for their ancestors, the survivors of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

@From the personal archive of Meri Danielyan, Yerevan-Armenia.









03/09/2014 21:09



Her father Vardan Petoyan  was born in Sasun's Gelie-guzan village, Western Armenian in 1892.

Vardan Petoyan's Baptism Certificate, Western Armenia, 1892.

Azgayin Kedronakan Varzharan graduate Vardan Petoyan's Diploma (1920), Constantinople

The title page of Vardan Petoyan's book: Historical and geographic data related to Sasun and Taron.

Vardan Petoyan's bio published in the mentioned book.

Vardan Petoyan's book ''Ethnography of Sasun''.

01/09/2014 17:42

The survivor Azat Sulukyan was born in Betias village of Musa Dagh, Western Armenia in 1912.

Musa Dagh, Lebanon, Armenia....In 1946 Azat Sulukyan's family moved to Armenia. In nine years he got married.

A. Sulukyan's passport of the citizen of RA (Republic of Armenia).

The Genocide survivor certificate N 012 issued by the Ministry of Social Security of RA.

From A. Sulukyan's personal archive.

From A. Sulukyan's  personal archive: A. Sulukyan with his mother visited Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial, Yerevan, Armenia.

The children of Azat Sulukyan's grandson: Ruben and Hakob Sulukyan with their mother.

27/08/2014 16:12

The survivor Nektar Alatuzyan (Abdunaryan) was born in Xtrbek village of Musa Dagh, Western Armenia in 1914.

Her father Tovmas Abdunaryan who was among the defenders of Musa Dagh.

Nektar Alatuzyan's family.

The Marriage Cerificate  of  Nektar Alatuzyan (Abdunaryan) and Tigran Alatuzyan  issued in 1938.

This year Nektar Alatuzyan's family marked her 100 birth anniversary. One century!  Dr. Marina Mkhitaryan was the family guest.

She was recalling the old days, her  village in Western Armenia...




26/08/2014 17:24

Khosrov Aristakes Frangyan was born in  Kabusia village of Musa Dagh, Western Armenia in 1910.

While working in Damaskus (Syria, before 1947, the second from the right. in the second line).

Khosrov Frangyan and his bride Nektar (1944).  They got married in 1947 and moved to Armenia.

This cross, as the family relic, is always with Khosrov Frangyan.



23/08/2014 17:42


@Photo by Marina Mkhittaryan

This amazing lady had two prominent grandfathers: from the father's side - the Rev. Fr. Khoren Shushanyan, from the mother's side -  Andreas (Kaitsak) Sargsyan.

The Rev. Fr. Khoren (Garegin) Shushanyan was born in Van, Western Armenia in 1872. He graduated the famous Varaga Monastery spiritual school and afterwards was a teacher for a long time. When Mrs. Shushanyan speaks about her grandfather the Rev. Fr. Khoren  Shushanyan who was ordained  a priest in Holy Etchmiadzin in 1919 and served for a few decades in the spiritual center of All Armenians, one feels proudly that there were/are such dedicated people in our history / nowadays. 


@Photo by Marina Mkhitaryan

Mrs. Ofelya Shushanyan in Western Armenia.

@From  Mrs. Ofelya Shushanyan   personal archive

The Rev. Fr. Khoren (Garegin) Shushanyan (1872-1956).

Photo from ''Etchmiadzin'' journal, 1956.

Mrs. O. Shushanyan's memories about her grandfather Andreas (Kaitsak) Sargsyan

21/08/2014 15:44


The survivor Hovhannes Balabanyan (Etchmiadzin, Armenia, born in the Bitias village, Musa Dagh, Western Armenia, in 1913)

@Photo by Marina Mkhitaryan.

The festive day in the Musaler village, Armenia. It's dedicated to the defenders of Musa Dagh, Western Armenia  in 1915.

@From the personal archive of Hovhannes Balabanyan.

20/08/2014 14:23

Mnatsakan Sianosyan, the second generation survivor. Vanashen village, Armenia.

His father Margar Gabriel Sianosyan was born in Archak region, Western Armenia in 1894, the mother Ordak Gevorg Sianosyan was born in the Sevan village, Archak region in 1900.

@Photo by Marina Mkhitaryan.

Mnatsakan Sianosyan with his wife.

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