The second generation survivor Diraxya Manuk Manukyan, Margara village, Armavir marz, Armenia

10/09/2014 00:00

Almost 85 year old Diraxya Manukyan recalled the story of his parents survival with tears in eyes. His mother's four brothers died on the way to Armenia. He has four children and six grandchildren. Life goes on....

Diraxya Manukyan with the family photo album.

His father Manuk Manukyan was born in  Khoshkhabar village, Surmalu province, Western Armenia in 1893.

His mother Anakhas Movses Manukyan was born in the village of Blur, Surmalu province, Western Armenia in 1896.

The family tree by Diraxya Manukyan.

For many years Diraxya Manukyan was responsible for cultural affairs of four villages.

 Photo: The sport group lessons in the Culture House, Margara village.