The second generation survivor Hakob Hovhannes Sharbatyan, Tairov village, Armavir Marz, Armenia

13/09/2014 04:26

Hakob Sharbatyan was born in Lebanon in 1944. His father Hovhannes Sharbatyan was a 12 year old boy when he felt the spirit of resistece during the fourty days of Musa Dagh. Hakob recalls that his father was bringing bread to the defenders of Musa Dagh.

The Sharbatyan's extended family (Hovhannes Sharbatyan - the first from the right, the first line).

Hovhannes Sharbatyan with his wife and children

Musa Ler....Lebanon....Armenia....

In 1947 the Sharbatyan's family moved to Armenia. The family became a victim of Stalin's repressions. They were arrested and exiled to Altay, Russia. 

The wedding of Varuzhan Sharbatyan, the brother of Hakob Sharbatyan. The parents with the just married couple.

Hovhannes Sharbatyan was a stone master. His seven children keep the family traditions founded and developed by Hovhannes Sharbatyan.