The second generation survivor Valentina Karapet Baghdasaryan, Apaga village, Armavir marz, Armenia

13/09/2014 13:36

Valentina Baghdasaryan with the portrait of her father Karapet Baghdasaryan.

Karapet Baghdasaryan was born in Nich village, Sassoun province, Western Armenia in 1883.

Two brothers Karapet and Gagik founded Apaga village. Now Valentina Baghdasaryan is writing a history of Apaga village.

For many years she was the director of  Apaga village school.

Memories from  childhood are unforgettable. Photo: little Valentina (from the left).

Valentina Baghdasaryan's uncle Gagik Baghdasaryan was arrested and exiled to Altay, Russia. He died in Safronof village, Altay, Russia.

Photo: Gagik Baghdasaryan with his family, circa 1928.