The survivor Azat Sulukyan, Yerevan

01/09/2014 17:42

The survivor Azat Sulukyan was born in Betias village of Musa Dagh, Western Armenia in 1912.

Musa Dagh, Lebanon, Armenia....In 1946 Azat Sulukyan's family moved to Armenia. In nine years he got married.

A. Sulukyan's passport of the citizen of RA (Republic of Armenia).

The Genocide survivor certificate N 012 issued by the Ministry of Social Security of RA.

From A. Sulukyan's personal archive.

From A. Sulukyan's  personal archive: A. Sulukyan with his mother visited Tsitsernakaberd Genocide Memorial, Yerevan, Armenia.

The children of Azat Sulukyan's grandson: Ruben and Hakob Sulukyan with their mother.