The third generation survivor Ofelya Mushegh Shushanyan, Yerevan, Armenia

23/08/2014 17:42


@Photo by Marina Mkhittaryan

This amazing lady had two prominent grandfathers: from the father's side - the Rev. Fr. Khoren Shushanyan, from the mother's side -  Andreas (Kaitsak) Sargsyan.

The Rev. Fr. Khoren (Garegin) Shushanyan was born in Van, Western Armenia in 1872. He graduated the famous Varaga Monastery spiritual school and afterwards was a teacher for a long time. When Mrs. Shushanyan speaks about her grandfather the Rev. Fr. Khoren  Shushanyan who was ordained  a priest in Holy Etchmiadzin in 1919 and served for a few decades in the spiritual center of All Armenians, one feels proudly that there were/are such dedicated people in our history / nowadays. 


@Photo by Marina Mkhitaryan

Mrs. Ofelya Shushanyan in Western Armenia.

@From  Mrs. Ofelya Shushanyan   personal archive

The Rev. Fr. Khoren (Garegin) Shushanyan (1872-1956).

Photo from ''Etchmiadzin'' journal, 1956.

Mrs. O. Shushanyan's memories about her grandfather Andreas (Kaitsak) Sargsyan